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Try 15 USA signature blends!

One Sample Size 1/3oz (10 grams) of each flavor (approximately 5 cups of each flavor of tea)

  • 1001 Nights Mint and lemon with a light green tea backtaste (want more?)
  • 1910: English Breakfast Rounded black tea with lovely aftertaste (want more?)
  • Finbarr’s Revenge Strong, uncomplicated black tea flavor (want more?)
  • Lady Devotea Oranges and Bergamot virtually assault one’s nose and palate, with lavender lurking about (want more?)
  • Lord Petersham Complex multi-tea black afternoon blend. Breakfast tea for late risers (want more?)
  • Persian Princess Strong, designed to be drunk with a sugar cube between your teeth. Almost savory without sugar. (want more?)
  • Star Spangled Chai Strong aniseed flavor is augmented by the other spices and the rich tea. (want more?)
  • Two Tigers Uncomplicated strong black tea. (want more?)
  • White Nights (WTC) A blend of white teas to complement excellent real flavoring components (peppermint, lemon myrtle and lemongrass). (want more?)
  • Liquorice (WTC) A simple blend of genuine liquorice root with fine white teas. It’s quite savory. (want more?)
  • Ginger & Lemongrass (WTC) Plenty of ginger as both chunks and powder, really smooth but with a little kick. (want more?)
  • Rose Blush Wonderful black tea, gorgeous rose petals and genuine sliced vanilla pods. (want more?)
  • Special Earl Grey A brilliant Earl Grey. It’s strong, bergamotty and classy. (want more?)
  • Vintage Lemonade (WTC) (want more?)
  • Aussie Ginger Chai A robust Australian black tea with chunks of dried ginger, cinnamon bark, whole green cardamom pods and some cloves. (want more?)


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